“It’s just like starting over…”

It’s just like starting over… by Evan Jacobson, August 16, 2010 It takes years to master things, feel good about one self, get comfortable, be positive, venture into undiscovered territory, struggle, and grow even more. I read an article about the legendary RUSH drummer, Neil Peart, many years ago. Neil was one of my main […]

In search of… A real BAGEL!

In search of…a BAGEL!  The wanna-be gourmet returns from vacation…        11/11/11 (I couldn’t wait until 12/12/12 for this blog) Pictured above: The INCREDIBLE Everything Bagel from David’s Bagels, NYC… Pictured below:  Behind the scenes at David’s Bagel: I just finished breakfast only to be disappointed—again—because I cannot find a New York Bagel in Maryland. Sure, […]

The birth of Gimme Chai Comma YO!

“GIMME CHAI, YO!” Written by Evan Jacobson, Copyright 2006 Every picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, every song “usually” has a story to tell. I’m not certain if songs in the Hip-Hop genre actually contain a palpable story because it seems to be a combination of gibberish, double-speak, hoodlums, and rhymes, etc. Nevertheless, it […]


WHERE’S THE BEEF? Written by Evan Jacobson Before I begin my post, I’d like to wish everyone the best and happiest new year!!! If you’re thinking about that classic 90’s Hamburger commercial where the bun is bigger than the meat, I can certainly understand that… A little Nostalgia never hurts.  Let’s move on–shall we? I’m […]

Getting Rich With Soy Chai and adding Yo is the way to go…

Pictured above:  My 9-year-old Espresso machine, frothing pitchers, mugs, and the actual hi-quality, originally mastered CD. Creating original music is an art and takes time. It’s not possible to teach someone how to be original. Similarly, teaching “voice” in my English Class is challenging. Voice represents something fresh and original; Moreover, voice is the character […]