BOYLAN’S ROOT BEER (NOT Birch Beer), Part 7


Pictured above: Boylan’s Root Beer Trio. I just don’t know how the liquid smoke keeps appearing (on the left) in my pictures; somebody obviously needs a hug and some extra attention…

BOYLAN’S ROOT BEER (Not Birch Beer), Part 7

I shared my 2 cents about BOYLAN’S CREAMY RED BIRCH BEER (VINTAGE SODA POP), in a previous post… Ironically, I found Boylan’s ROOT BEER about 2 days after that and bought the 4 pack. I was impressed with Boylan’s Birch Beer because it had a
different flavor than all of the aforementioned Root Beers… I was not comparing apples to apples (sorry for the cliche). Birch is different because the flavoring comes from some type of Birch extract, i.e. a Birch tree. In contrast, most Root Beers (artificial or otherwise) are flavored with Sarsaparilla. In any event, I decided to include both prototypes in my experiment. I’m almost at the point where I will start ordering Root Beer via the internet. It seems that I’m not going to find other brands unless I order it from my computer or travel out of Northern New Jersey. The South Bronx was not as fruitful as I thought in terms of searching for esoteric beverages. I’ll report my findings for the thousands of fans reading my posts–A BIG SHOUT OUT FOR MY LOYAL FANS… SCREAM!!!!! 🙂

Boylan’s Root Beer is also “sweetened with pure cane sugar.” Luckily, it also does not contain any corn syrup, which creates a level of sweetness such that a person has to get their blood sugar tested by Dr. Oz, or some other reputable physician. This beverage seems to be processed similarly to their Birch Beer counterpart:   A combination of natural and artificial ingredients, natural Yucca extract, and Sodium Benzoate (a preservative found in most Root Beers). You won’t find any caffeine in this one either! I just shared a bottle with my wife and she liked it as well. She also agreed that it’s NOT too sweet and has a nice, pleasant flavor.

I’m still brooding over the Stewart’s Root Beer because I had to take an ice pick to scrape the sugar off my enamel. Stewarts should really tout their Black Cherry, Cream, and Orange flavored sodas because they are sinfully good. However, their fall short in the Root Beer department. Again, this is my subjective opinion; you really have to try it out for yourself and then “GET YOUR OWN BLOG!”

In sum, I’m really enjoying Boylan’s products and have found a contender to compete with Virgil’s Root Beer. This is not the end of my Root Beer search. When Christmas break occurs in the next few days, I’ll be traveling in my car and on the net for more mysterious Root Beers. Rumor has it, there are approximately 140+ Root Beers sold in the U.S. My work is certainly cut out for me. Boylan’s website is:

If we don’t meet, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, and an incredible 2010 New Year. And remember, please use caution on the road when you’re drinking Root Beer… You wouldn’t want to spill any precious drops on your lap.  BA DA BING!

Evan J. wanna be gourmet, 2009