Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, Part 6…

Pictured above: Liquid Smoke (a real picture hog), a skeleton attached to Dia De Los Muertos Hot sauce, Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer in a 2-liter bottle, my backsplash, and various Tortuga sauces… This is the second “Birch Beer” that I’ve tried. Again, I’m not sure if Root Beer and Birch Beer are equal contenders, but […]

Part 4 of X, Boylans Birch Beer

Root Beer, Part 4 of X: BOYLAN’S BIRCH BEER In the first 3 installments of my Root Beer posts, I’ve sampled A&W, MUG, SARANACS 1888, IBC, and VIRGIL’S Microbrew. However, I’ve just taken my first sip of BOYLAN’S CREAMY RED BIRCH BEER (VINTAGE SODA POP), and it is delicious. I guess I’m going to search […]

Root Beer, Part 2 of X, IBC

Root Beer, Part 2, IBC, December 5, 2009 During the last episode of Root Beer, Part 1, Evan’s beverage was replaced with Folger’s Decaf; do you think he new the difference? Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming… Yesterday, I celebrated International Root Beer Day with my 7th Grade homeroom. It was the first […]