Why is Rap music so divisive? (Quora discussion)

Briefly put, everyone has opinions and they are welcome… However, saying hurtful comments with bad intentions to cause physical and/or mental harm is never okay. From here, it gets even more complicated due to filtering abilities, subjectivity, and how sensitive people will react to the truth. Some people would rather lie than hurt someone and […]

The birth of Gimme Chai Comma YO!

“GIMME CHAI, YO!” Written by Evan Jacobson, Copyright 2006 Every picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, every song “usually” has a story to tell. I’m not certain if songs in the Hip-Hop genre actually contain a palpable story because it seems to be a combination of gibberish, double-speak, hoodlums, and rhymes, etc. Nevertheless, it […]

The HOT MP3 Gimme Chai, Yo! is available

My premiere MP3, Gimme Chai, Yo! can be purchased at any of these 3 sites: http://www.itunes.com In the search box, type “breadless” and the song “Gimme Chai, Yo!” will appear. http://home.napster.com/ns/music/artist.html?artist_id=12842768 http://www.emusic.com/album/BREADLESSinJERSEY-Gimme-Chai-Yo-MP3-Download/11531428.html Thank you so much for supporting newer music. tcaps cloud