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Please read below to figure out the BEST way to reach me:

1-Hotmail is checked everyday (17 years and counting) for general business, important updates, musical happenings, etc. Email me at:

2- For other general business, email here:

3-My YouTube channel can be found here: …For YouTube email and video business, use this:

4-Facebook…keep your messages CLEAN, appropriate, and NON-POLITICAL: Evan J. at Facebook

5-Skype…Email me first, explain if it’s social or business:  evanj31drumskype

6-Google, Google Plus, and Google chat videoconferences are available, too:

7–My music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms. To license music, go to

8-Finally, you can use the EASY CONTACT FORM to provide written feedback below as a last resort:

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