Stuffed Cabbage

Stuffed Cabbage, courtesy of my sister, Joyce, and a few suggestions from Evan J.

Ingredients needed:

¥One head of boiled cabbage, peel leaves, and remove inner core

¥1-2 large cans of condensed tomato soup

¥1 LB + ground beef or ground turkey

¥raisins (a few prunes are optional)

¥cooked white or brown rice

¥Brown sugar to taste, 1/4 cup packed to 1LB of meat

¥1 can or approx.15 ounces of tomato sauce

¥Lemon juice to taste; start with 3 Tbs.

¥optional orange zest if a fruitier flavor is desired

To stuff the cabbage you will need the following mixture:

chopped meat, raisins, cooked white or brown rice, and tomato sauce.

I use toothpicks to hold the cabbage rolls together. This way,

it does not fall apart when I cook it.

After rolling up the cabbage with the stuffing mixture, put it in a large

soup pot with tomato soup, lemon juice, either sugar, sweet and low,

or brown sugar. Sometimes I add more raisins to the soup (optional)

I usually serve stuffed cabbage soup over rice or over egg noodles.

Joyce Schiff, Sister of Evan J.