Hank’s Root Beer from Philadelphia: Part 9 of X, February 2010

HANK’S: ROOT BEER, Part 9 of X, February 2010

My last post consisted of Staten Island Nostalgia…Originally, I was intending to discuss Risotto, despite the fact that I’ve seen it on menus for years, but never actually ordered it. Hence, the previous post mentioned all of the awesome Italian Pizza places: Deninos, Nunzios, Brothers, Pal Joey’s, Joe & Pats, etc. Moreover, it’s ironic that I just happened to have plans in Staten Island only to wind up at Joe & Pats. Honestly, I haven’t been there in over 20 years, but I do remember the consistently awesome Pizza. What does this have to do with Root Beer? Thank you for asking. I opened up the Joe & Pats menu only to discover something different listed under beverages:

Hank’s Root Beer.

Naturally, I’m tickled because I did not have to go to Philadelphia, PA to buy a bottle. Moreover, I mentioned that I would be ordering Root Beer via mail to expand beyond the East Coast… I’ll talk about that one after I order and sample the esoteric, Midwest and West Coast Root Beers…

What did Evan think of Hank’s?

Hank’s is extremely similar to Boylan’s Root Beer as it is also sweetened with pure cane sugar and sharing somewhat identical ingredients: a combination of natural and artificial ingredients, natural Yucca extract, Quillaila (I still don’t know what this is), etc.  It’s caffeine free (enter a cheesy grin). Again, it tastes much lighter than other Root Beers loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup (ahem,) but still packs a nice punch for a TKO.  In a word–Delicious!

In sum, I’d like to say “Thanks, Hank’s!” Ba da bing! Searching for the quintessential Root Beer is indeed an exciting adventure. We’ll it’s time to pull out the credit card and go shopping.

Evan J. wanna be gourmet, 2009