HPMS 424 Poetry Celebration

The Hunts Point Middle School 424 Poetry & Portfolio Celebration, 5/14/2010 For 7 years, I’ve been teaching Poetry to my 7th Graders. Instead of exploring high school or other advanced poetry, I focus upon a variety of themes to teach poetic devices: Onomatopoeia, alliteration, simile, metaphor, rhyme, repetition, meter, double-entendre, personification, hyperbole, etc. I do, however, […]

ADVERBS: Are They “GRADUALLY” Becoming Extinct?

I was constantly being corrected in my former years. My mother’s side of the family seemed to have a penchant for hearing orally communicated errors. Then, they would instantly correct you because it was forbidden to speak improperly. For example, if I ever said, “I shouldda went,” my Aunt Phyllis would respond with: “What did […]

Hansens Creamy Root Beer IN A CAN: Part 10 of X

Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer Natural Cane Soda I was ready to condemn all canned sodas in my 40’s.  Perhaps it’s the metal that bothers me because it could alter the soda’s intended taste.  Add the intense carbonation to agitate my reflux for bonus points. Whether it’s in my mind or not, I’m not a fan […]


Risotto with Roasted Pepper, Onion, and Corn, By Evan J. wanna be gourmet, January 21, 2010. Pictured above: A piping hot Risotto suspended midair with a magic hand. The Staten Island anecdote preceding the recipe… Risotto is a fairly new concept in my adult life. Growing up in a New York Jewish home lent itself […]

Pasta Salad with Albacore Tuna

Pasta and Tuna Salad, January of 2010 During the last season of “Top Chef,” Tom and Padma “grilled” 2 Chefs, Ashley and Preeti, for making basic Pasta Salad. The dialogue goes “something” like this: Padma: Who made the Pasta Salad? Ashley and Preeti: (shoulder shrugs) We did. Tom: Whose idea was it? Preeti: I don’t […]

Huevos Rancheros: Evan J.’s 2010 Version

Pictured Above: Guacamole & Tostitos Lime Chips at 12:00 O’clock; Gringo Salsa & Corn Salsa mixture at 5:00 O’clock; 3 egg whites with an oozing, decorated Egg Yolk; 3 Roasted Mini Peppers at 10:50 AM; Freshly chopped Cilantro scattered about the dish. Welcome back to the new decade, 2010. I wanted to begin January 1, […]