SLOPPY JOE (the version NOT found in schools), by Evan J. When I was a Middle School student a “few” years ago (ahem), I remember waiting on line in the school cafeteria, holding my bulky plastic tray (to support the paper tray with multiple and odd square-like compartments).  That might sound mathematically fancy, but the […]

Root Beer, Part 2 of X, IBC

Root Beer, Part 2, IBC, December 5, 2009 During the last episode of Root Beer, Part 1, Evan’s beverage was replaced with Folger’s Decaf; do you think he new the difference? Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming… Yesterday, I celebrated International Root Beer Day with my 7th Grade homeroom. It was the first […]

My first Risotto!

Pictured above:  Evan J’s first successful Risotto! For years, I’ve been watching various food shows: Anything on Food Network, Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Hell’s Kitchen, etc. Giada, the Italian Goddess, is very knowledgeable about most facets of Italian cooking. I don’t understand how she can cook the most fattening, scrumptious food, and still be […]