Part 4 of X, Boylans Birch Beer

Root Beer, Part 4 of X: BOYLAN’S BIRCH BEER


In the first 3 installments of my Root Beer posts, I’ve sampled A&W, MUG,
SARANACS 1888, IBC, and VIRGIL’S Microbrew. However, I’ve just taken my first sip of BOYLAN’S CREAMY RED BIRCH BEER (VINTAGE SODA POP), and it is delicious. I guess I’m going to search various markets for more BIRCH BEER. BOYLAN’S red color is bold and the front of the bottle mentions, “sweetened with pure cane sugar.” I thought that this was another typical setup and seriously dreading the high fructose corn syrup. However, there is nothing to fear but fear itself because there is zero corn syrup. Moreover, all of the ingredients seem to be safe and natural: Pure Birch oils, Vanilla, natural Yucca extract, etc. At the bottom of the ingredients, one can see the preservative Sodium Benzoate. Since it’s the LAST ingredient, I’m not spooked at all. The lack of caffeine is another strong selling point. My search for the quintessential Root Beer or Birch beer is not over. However, Virgil’s has some competition, unless someone in the audience objects to Birch Beer. When all of the testing is over, I might end up having a winner for each category (Root Beer and Birch Beer). Boylan’s website is:

Stay tuned for Part 5…