Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, Part 6…


Pictured above: Liquid Smoke (a real picture hog),

a skeleton attached to Dia De Los Muertos Hot sauce,

Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer in a 2-liter bottle, my backsplash,

and various Tortuga sauces…

This is the second “Birch Beer” that I’ve tried. Again, I’m not sure if Root Beer and Birch Beer are equal contenders, but I figured that I’d just go for it since I’ve been on this kick for several weeks…

I purchased a 2 liter bottle because I could not find any smaller sizes, and the price tag was very inexpensive. I’ll most likely be drinking this all week or until the fizz dissipates. Smaller bottles are ideal for my experiment because I’m not feeding several people. My wife, however, might end up drinking some. I asked her to try it and she thought it was better than the Boylans Birch Beer… She liked the bold red color and the taste because it was not very sweet. Both of us like some sweet stuff, but we cannot deal with over the top Glucose in anything. Moving forward, the Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer has a bold red color and a nice taste. Interestingly, it has the same annoying ingredients as the other less desirable Root Beers: High Fructose Corn Syrup, preservatives, artificial flavors, and preservatives. However, it does have a nice taste which reminded me of my Camp Louemma Summer days from the 80’s. There were actual Birch Trees in the camp; we used to break off the branches to smell the Birch flavor. I also wondered how the flavor from a tree branch could be extracted and made into a soda. I guess I’m finding that out! 🙂


**Bold Red Color

**A rich foam and tantalizing effervescence

**No Caffeine

**NOT too sweet


**Artificial ingredients to cause tooth decay if consumed in excess

**One 2 liter size (small cans or bottles are unknown at this time)

**Currently unavailable in the South Bronx

To sum it up, it has a nice, pleasant taste overall.  Despite the annoying corn syrup, I’ve been drinking it all week long.  The pros seem to outweigh the cons, and I’m glad that I stumbled upon this during my search for the ultimate Root Beer and Birch Beer.  As soon as I finish the 2 liter bottle, I’ll move on and try something else.  Remember, my fridge is never empty!

Stay tuned for Part 7… the search is not over, Survivor! 🙂