Root Beer, Part 3 of X–SARANAC 1888


Root Beer, Part 3, SARANAC 1888

I just took my first sip of SARANAC 1888 ROOT BEER. If I was blindfolded, I might have mistaken it for Virgil’s Root Beer, as they both taste similarly. credit karma site down . I never heard of
SARANAC 1888 (shame on me), but a few of my college buddies remember the brand well because it is made in Utica, NY. That is not “too far” from Oswego, NY, where I attained my undergraduate degree… Simply put, SARANAC 1888 must be distributed in Upstate NY or else my friends would have never mentioned it to me. google adsense banned . The label on the bottle claims that this brewed beverage is roughly 30 years in the making, and enjoyed by people all over the United States (I really have to get out more!). time now Again, shame on me for not finding this Root Beer in the late 1980’s (so much for keeping my age a secret).
As I write this post, I take several sips… I’m enjoying it tremendously despite the fact that the second ingredient is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. This is a bifold buzz killer: Too much sugar and it will prevent me from falling asleep at a reasonable time. Luckily, it is caffeine free, so there might be some hope for me after all… The aftertaste is quite nice actually and the frothy head remains at the top just like the golden crema of a tightly pulled Espresso shot. The Anise flavor is much bolder in Virgil’s. Again, that might be irrelevant. However, this is a highly subjective post and it’s hard to interpret what everyone else enjoys, especially when it comes to Anise flavor. If you’re not a Licorice person, than you won’t be a fan of Virgil’s Root Beer.
Honestly, I’m stumped because SARANAC 1888 captures the essence of a great tasting Root Beer, but the preservatives and Corn Syrup are really messing with my ability to make a decision. Someone is going to get eliminated from Root Beer Parts 1 and 2, and I’ll figure that out soon. In the meantime, feel free to comment and share your favorite Root Beer. Additionally, try to pinpoint the reason as to why you like it so I can cosmically connect with you.

Stay tuned for Part 4…